Thrilled that Cut Short is Number 3 on iTunes in all categories, Number 1 in Crime and Thrillers

Creative Writing in Greece!


Next August Leigh will be running a creative writing course 24th – 31st August on the beautiful Greek island of Skyros! Contact Leigh for details or check out the site


University Visit

Last month Leigh visited the University of Southampton as guest lecturer to creative writing undergraduate and postgraduate students.

“Leigh did a really useful talk for our students. She read short sections from her novels, talked about pacing and dialogue, and about how genre fiction is sold, marketed, and commissioned. She has many years experience as an English teacher, which came through when she talked about her technique. It was very helpful to students to hear that the way to learn about pace or plot needn’t be from reading other crime fiction can can equally come from a line of Marvell, or a soliloquy by Shakespeare. I would be pleased to invite her back to do a workshop with our students in the future.”